The Ponkans

Our ponkans are out of the sweater, the green legged lemon 84 and Lance de la Torre's roundhead. It is the best seller among the RB Sugbo lines. Ponkan is the name of a broodcock acquired, along with two hens, by RB Sugbo Gamefowl Technology in year 2000 from Pacific Barato. This particular broodcock, sweater in bloodline, was earlier acquired by Pacific Barato from EL Dia Gamefarm of Dr. Ayong Lorenzo. Ponkan is still alive today and active at ten (10) years of age. From 2000 to 2004, ponkan was bred to different hens. Some were products of line breeding to him. Others were of the lemon guapo, the green legged lemon 84, and lance's roundhead which were all acquired by RB Sugbo GT direct from the originators themselves-- Mayor Juancho Aguirre, Mr. Paeng Araneta and Mr. Lance dela Torre. We called them ponkans because we call the original sweater brood cock from EDL/Excellence of Doc. Ayong Lorenzo by the name ponkan. RB Sugbo GT started by mating ponkan with one of the original hens of the trio. Then by repeatedly breeding back to ponkan producing 3/4s. 7/8s and 15/16s of ponkan. In every generation we try to lock the genes by selective brother-sister mating. We then hoped to proceed with the bro-sister matings to produce sub families of ponkan 3/4s, ponkan 7/8s and ponkan 15/16s which, in the future, could be out-breed to one another. In year 2003, RB Sugbo GT hit a fabulous blend which consisted of 5/8 blood of ponkan, 3/16 of the lemon 84, and 3/16 of Lance's roundhead.Thus, this blend was immediately set into a bloodline which was called "ponkan, the bloodline"in recognition of the dominant contribution of ponkan the broodcock (5/8 or 62.5 percent) to the blend. Two families of ponkan were created. The light red, yellow legged, and peacomb sweater looking ponkan; and the regular red, dark legged, straight combs. The light red, yellow legged, peacomb ponkans are the commercial ponkans. But the other family of dark legged, straight combed provides the better cutting and continuously scores a slightly higher winning percentage than the yellow legged peacomb ponkans. Up to now the pure ponkans are mostly yellow legged and peacombs. But occasionally they throw dark legs or straight combs because the better ponkans invariably come from the intra-family matings of the yellow legged peacombs and the dark legged straight combs--matings that, because of favorable consequence,we have to regularly resort to.
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